Keeping office dating a secret

There’s no need to do anything as unethical as that — just watch for these 15 tell-tale signs that an office love affair is brewing.Workplace affairs: We all know that they are ~kind of~ a bad idea, but that definitely doesn’t stop them from happening. The question now is, do you let people at the office know what’s going on, or do you actively try to keep it a secret?

1: Don’t fall for the allure of Facebook’s ‘In a Relationship with…’ option.

Granted, you’ve been single for nigh on five years and it would be great for your friends to finally give the ‘oh, you must let me set you up with this guy’ a rest, but you must resist.

You never know who will spot your relationship status (is a friend of your friend your boss? 2: There’s only one type of debriefing in the office and it’s not whipping off the Calvin Kleins.

The latest rumor making the rounds at your company is that John in marketing and Martha the office manager are “seeing each other” outside the usual channels if you catch our drift.

But how can you really know for sure, aside from hacking into their email?


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