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Recommendation systems are designed to predict users’ preferences and provide them with recommendations for items such as books or movies that suit their needs.

Recent developments show that some probabilistic models for user preferences yield better predictions than latent feature models such as matrix factorization.

After a year she switched to her current job in human resources for an IT company.

She needed a car for the 30-minute drive to and from work, so she bought a Citroen C1.

A rather famous Bristol MW, now preserved, at the Seatoller terminus of route 79. Not exactly ugly ...perhaps plain or unshapely is the word...

Like previous approaches, we assume that there are groups of users and of items and that the rating a user gives an item is determined by their respective group memberships.

Comedy: Sharing a laugh is a great bonding experience.

To add a smile to your dating experience, the Empire is most people’s first thought.

Thinking her driving style was more attuned to Italy than Britain, Margherita took out Driver Plus insurance with Direct Line, which includes a service that monitors her manoeuvres using a telematics device or ‘black box’.

Unlike most telematics-based insurance, Direct Line’s policy has a twist.


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