Play count not updating

Play Count only updates if you have automatic updates turned on.Furthermore, if you edit a song in i Tunes (by changing any of the tags or playing it, increasing its play count) before syncing your i Pod, the i Pod won't update the count for that song, as the version on the computer is considered more recent. with it turned on, the songs you played on the i Pod should be updated when you sync.Update: 5/24/16 There is a new i Syncr Desktop for Mac users with i Tunes 12.4 support.If you are using a Mac and i Tunes 12.4 , please make sure you are using i Syncr Desktop 5.1.10 or higher. You want to know what tracks you've listened to or to assemble smart playlists in i Tunes.This is actually the reason that i Syncr was created!

3) Synchronize the "i Pod Music" playlist and all Smart Playlists based on i Pod music.

You are now be able to: - easily (manually) add/remove music from your i Pod, by adding/removing from the "i Pod Music" Playlist.

- keep My Rating and Play Count synchronized between i Tunes and i Pod. This is also a great oppurtunity for older (1st gen) i Pod users using playlists based on My Rating and Play Count.

i Tunes 12.4 has changed the location IDs to your specific songs in i Tunes.

Any old play count information that is stored on your Android will not sync resulting in a timeout over Wi Fi followed with an error code 6.


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