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TKI block Bcr-Abl activity and kill most tumour cells, but LSC survive and return to the bone marrow niche.We have focused on LSC intrinsic signalling supporting their survival during TKI exposure and are planning a clinical trial (Abraham SA et al Nature 2016 534 341-6).Compared with the main part of the Downs to the east of it, it is a narrow elongated ridge, hence its name.Jane Austen, in a letter to her sister Cassandra dated Thursday from her brother's house in Sloane Street, wrote of her journey to London in a curricle via "the Hog's-back" and said "Upon the whole it was an excellent journey & very thoroughly enjoyed by me; the weather was delightful the greatest part of the day.The Guild- element of Guildown is the same as that found in Guildford, meaning "gold".Various explanations have been suggested for the relationship between the names of Guildown and Guildford.

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Based on our previous work, we aim to characterise survival signalling in various different bone marrow niche components.

University of Glasgow example projects are detailed below by theme.

Projects with involvement with one of our collaborating partners, (University of Strathclyde or the Pirbright Institute) are indicated; note that a formal requirement of the training programme will involve the student carrying out one of their 3-month lab rotations with at least one of the collaborating partners.

However, the medieval name for the ridge was Guildown (recorded first in 1035 where it was the site of the abduction of Prince Alfred of Wessex by Earl Godwin and then in the Pipe Rolls for 1190 and onwards) but this name is no longer in use.

However, the name Guildown is evoked by Guildown Road, a residential road which climbs the southern side of the ridge on the southwestern fringes of Guildford.


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